The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a secondary school qualification normally completed over two years in Years 11 & 12.

The VCE curriculum is determined by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The VCAA provides the guidelines for school-based assessments and administers the external examinations.

The VCE curriculum consists of VCAA approved VCE studies and VCAA approved VCE VET (Vocational Education & Training) studies. A range of non-VCAA approved VET programs can also be studied and count towards the VCE. VET studies provide a practical hands-on course of study.

VCE and VET Units of Study
VCE and VET studies are made up of units. A unit is half a year or one semester. Most studies consist of 4 units eg:

Unit 1 Biology Unit 1 VET Automotive
Unit 2 Biology Unit 2 VET Automotive
Unit 3 Biology Unit 3 VET Automotive
Unit 4 Biology  Unit 4 VET Automotive

Unit 1&2 studies are generally completed in Year 11 and Unit 3&4 studies in Year 12.

VCE Units 1 & 2 are normally taken as a sequence, but they can be taken as single units i.e. Unit 1 alone or just Unit 2. Units 3 & 4 however must always be taken as a sequence of two units and must be completed in the same year unless Interrupted Studies status has been granted by the VCAA.

Units 1-4 of VET studies must normally be taken as a sequence over two years as assessment in VETstudies is competency-based.

Special features of Glen Waverley Secondary College’s VCE program


The College offers a flexible VCE program to cater for a range of student needs and aspirations.

  1. All Year 10 students are able to undertake a Unit 1 & 2 VCE or VET study in preparation for a full VCE program in Year 11.
  2. Year 11 students may undertake one Unit 3&4 study, subject to approval. Two Unit 3 & 4 studies may be allowed in cases of outstanding academic ability.
  3. Students are provided with the option of a three-year VCE program where a medical condition, learning difficulties, participation in elite sport or limited English language necessitate more time for students to satisfactorily complete their VCE.
  4. Modified VCE programs are negotiated for students who receive funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities.
  5. Although The College does not deliver VET studies, students are able to access VET programs outside the College at TAFE and other schools. Glen Waverley Secondary College is a member of the Eastern Network VET Cluster.
  6. Year 12 students, who demonstrate exceptional time management and academic ability, are supported to undertake a Higher Education Study (University Extension Study) in their VCE program.

Satisfactorily completion of the VCE
A student must satisfactorily complete at least 16 units which must include:

  1. 3 English units from the English Group: English/ESL/English Language/Literature, with at least ONE unit at Units 3&4 level.
  2. 3 sequences of Units3&4 studies other than the sequence chosen for the compulsory English. These sequences can be from VCE studies and/or VCE VET programs.

Example of a typical two-year VCE course.
In this example, the student has completed 24 units of study with:

  • one study undertaken in Year 10 (2 units)
  • six studies in Year 11 (12 units)
  • five studies in Year 12 (10 units)
Year 10 VCE Study Biology 1 & 2        
Year 11 English 1 & 2 Biology 3 & 4 Maths Methods 1 & 2 General Maths Advanced 1 & 2 History 1 & 2 Economics 1 & 2
Year 12 English 3 & 4 Global Politics Maths Methods 3 & 4 History Revolutions Economics 3 & 4  

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