Glen Waverley Secondary recognizes the importance of developing our students’ ability to be active global citizens. Consequently, Humanities is considered an important and integral component of every student’s course of study. What better way to learn about our world, the processes that have formed it, as well as how people have used and interacted with their planet. Humanities subjects are compulsory for all students in Years 7 - 10.


In Years 7, 8 and 9 all students study Humanities. It offers students a wide range of engaging learning experiences. This includes developing knowledge and skills in History, Geography, Economics and Business, as well as Civics and Citizenship. Year 10 offers students the choice of five electives, each with a global focus.  At the senior level, the subjects students are able to select broadens enormously and students are encouraged to pursue areas of personal interest and passion.


Middle School


In Middle School, many learning opportunities take place outside of the classroom. We also take full advantage of visiting exhibitions at city museums to enhance the study of History. Primary artefacts have brought to life our study of ancient civilisations such as Australia, Rome, Greece, China, Egypt and Mesopotamia, whilst visits to the Shrine of Remembrance shine a spotlight on the sacrifices Australians have made during times of war. A highlight for Year 8’s is the visit of presenters from Medieval Education where students may take up arms and challenge a knight bedecked in armour, attempt archery, marvel at the strength required to wield medieval weapons and armour or, be shocked by the cruelty of punishments administered. 


In Year 9, in addition to their Humanities core studies, students have Electives blocks from which they choose a selection of subjects related to Commerce and History. We also offer an extension subject in the area of Legal Studies, inviting students who excel in their studies to participate in the challenge of ‘So You Want to be a Lawyer’ course.  Although none of the electives are prerequisites for V.C.E. studies, students are encouraged to select according to their natural curiosity.  

Subjects offered include;

  • Dollars and Sense
  • Small Business
  • History: Power, People and the Past
  • So Want to be a Lawyer

Senior School

It is in the senior school where Humanities offers a plethora of learning opportunities. The range of subjects is extensive and most Unit 3 and 4 subjects do not have prerequisites. This provides students with the added opportunity of selecting a new subject in Year 12.


Subjects offered:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • 20th Century Modern History
  • Australian History
  • History - Revolutions
  • Australian and Global Politics
  • Global Politics
  • Legal Studies

University enhancement studies are offered to Year 12 studies who are excelling in their V.C.E. studies. Our close association with Monash University also provides opportunities for senior Business Studies students to attend special programmes run by the institution.


Many V.C.E. subjects offered in Humanities are the basis of careers in business. A reason for many students deciding to undertake study in this faculty is due to the direct transferability of subjects into the workplace or tertiary courses.

Undertaking subjects that are experiential in nature appeals to many students. These experiences are not unique to the Middle School, with excursions for Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies and Global Politics used to enhance students’ understanding of course outcomes. Students who study 20th Century History visit the Jewish Holocaust Museum, learning much from the exhibits but even more from the personal stories of the few remaining survivors.


Humanities subjects in the senior school aim to engage students within the broader community. Students are encouraged to pursue activities that complement their studies. Many students are actively involved in co-curricular activities such as the Youth Parliament, Model United Nations Conferences and Schools Constitutional Convention. Not only do these serve to enhance their coursework, but also develop their understanding of civic responsibilities and rights.