The College has four "Houses". The Houses are used to organise form groups within year levels, as well as forming the basis of sporting teams.

Bradman House is named after Sir Donald Bradman, the famous Australian cricketer. This House's colour is green, taken from the colour of a cricket ground.

Elliott House is named after Herb Elliott, a former Australian athlete. The House's colour is red, taken from the colour of a red urethane athletics track.

Fraser House is named after Dawn Fraser, the champion Australian swimmer. This House's colour is blue, derived from the colour of the water of a swimming pool.

Goolagong House is named after Evonne Goolagong, the famous Australian tennis player. This House's colour is yellow, from the colour of a tennis ball.

House sports competitions do not occur as frequently as in other schools of Victoria. In terms of competitions, the school focuses mainly on inter-school competition, where it has been very successful.

The two main annual internal sporting events for the school are the House Athletics and House Swimming Carnivals, in which students compete in up to five individual events (and optionally a relay event) to earn points for their house.