Middle School

Our Vision
The Middle School provides a comprehensive program, which supports the College Vision and Values Statement and equips all students with values, beliefs, knowledge and skills that will foster lifelong learning. This involves creating and sustaining a learning community through encouraging our students to learn to live together, embrace lifelong learning and to value diversity.

Our Mission
The Middle School provides students with a positive and caring learning environment. It supports staff in the management of students and fosters the partnership between students, their families and the college. The Middle School curricular and co-curricular program:

  • provides quality and engaging teaching and learning for all students;
  • focuses on teaching and learning for the whole person in a safe and supportive environment;
  • promotes life-long, co-operative and autonomous learning;
  • encourages participation, leadership and excellence;
  • fosters a sense of connectedness in students;
  • uses a variety of teaching strategies which build on and extend students individual learning styles

Middle School Structure
The Middle School at Glen Waverley Secondary College is made up of approximately 1000 Year 7, 8 and 9 students. To develop a sense of connectedness and to establish a safe and supportive environment for all learners, we have created smaller communities within the larger community. Building a safe learning environment where students have opportunities to develop all of their capabilities is a focus of our College.

Middle School is structured to enhance student learning and well-being through the creation of small teams of teachers who work closely within each house. There are four houses in Years 7, 8 and 9, (Bradman, Elliott, Fraser and Goolagong) and each student is assigned to a particular House. A House Leader oversees the learning and wellbeing of the students within that house.

The Living and Learning teachers form a core team of teachers who work with House Leaders and other class teachers to create small communities within the Middle School. This structure is designed to provide students with an enhanced sense of belonging by allowing them to get to know, and identify with, a particular group of students and teachers within the college. Programs such as Peer Support (Year 9 students mentoring Year 7 students to aid in transition to secondary school) further enhance this structure.

The Middle School is managed by an executive team comprising Director of Middle School, a Director of Learning and a Programs Coordinator. The team work closely with the four House Leaders to support the wellbeing and learning needs of all students. There is a House Leader assigned to each house and this structure is consistent from years 7-9. Thus each House Leader will be in charge of 3 classes at each year level. Promoting a sense of community that lasts throughout their entire middle years of schooling.

Year 7 & 8 Program
Year 9 Program
Middle School Camps Program

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