Creating Personal Futures

“Creating Personal Futures” is the underpinning rationale of the GWSC Years 7-12 Career Development Program. The program focuses on developing students’ self-concept and broadening their perspective, enabling them to better understand their internal and external worlds and the ever-changing, dynamic nature of these worlds and the every changing world of work.

The program aims to increase students’ awareness of the complexity of career planning and to assist them in developing the skills to be able to cope with change in their lives.

This holistic approach to career development aims to develop ‘career adaptability attitudes, which will enhance students’ capacity to construct and manage their own careers. These attitudes as defined by renowned career theorist Mark Savickas are:

Concern - That students will show a future orientation and see the value in thinking about and planning for the future.

Curiosity - That students will demonstrate an inquisitive and exploratory attitude to finding out about the world of work and how one’s self-identity fits into that world.

Confidence - That students will trust their ability to handle challenges and make decisions, and will anticipate successful outcomes.

Control - That students feel capable of and responsible for constructing their careers.

As part of the Careers program at Glen Waverley, all students will be developing an electronic Career Action plan that will become an important document to help them with choosing the right subjects and helping them to make informed career choices.