“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”― Marie Curie


Here at GWSC, we believe that science is for everyone. We are deeply committed to the learning of our students and our teachers love and live for Science in and out of our classrooms. Students studying Science are exposed to a variety of learning experiences that promote the development of the 21st Century Skills: problem solving, critical thinking collaboration, deep thinking and reflection to name a few. Teachers encourage the adoption of growth mindsets in problem solving and tackling challenges in learning. Students and teachers work together in the learning, regularly engaging in routines that allow feedback to be exchanged and for goals to be established.


Curriculum - Years 7 to 10

Science at GWSC is structured to deliver the learning outcomes of the Victorian Curriculum in Years 7-10 and VCE in Years 11 and 12. Students in Year 7 to 9 complete 3 periods of Science as part of their core subjects. Each year, students study different disciplines of Science including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Geology and Psychology. Students are introduced to the exciting work that happens in the science laboratory whilst developing confidence in technical skills and awareness of ethics and safety. In addition to this, Year 9 students are offered semester based science electives: Year 9 Research Science and Year 9 Psychology.


The Research Science elective is a practical based subject which focuses on developing student skills in investigation and technical laboratory skill. Students have been engaged in projects linked to the Monash University BioEYES program as well as the Grand Prix Formula One STEM Challenge. Meanwhile Year 9 Psychology introduces students to the fascinating discipline of behavioural and neurological science where students learn about the importance of research skills.


In Year 10, students are able to pursue their own interests in specific disciplines of Science. Five semester-based electives are offered including:

  • The Earth and the Cosmos
  • Our Microscopic World
  • Chemistry: The Building Blocks of the World
  • Physical Science
  • Neuroscience and the Mind

Students are also given the opportunity to pursue Unit 1&2 Psychology or Unit 1&2 Biology to gain a better understanding of the pace and coursework at VCE. These subjects continue to develop student skills in critical thinking, problem solving, inquiry and reflection. Many science subjects focus on developing skills in experimental design, student-driven inquiry and investigation in preparation for the rigours of the study designs at VCE.


Students at GWSC also have access to Education Perfect, an online learning platform which enables students and teachers to explore learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum through digital technology.


Curriculum - VCE

GWSC offers VCE studies of the following Science subjects:

  • VCE Biology
  • VCE Chemistry
  • VCE Physics
  • VCE Psychology

Teachers of the subjects regularly undertake professional learning and development to ensure that students of GWSC continue to achieve success in VCE. Many teachers are also VCAA assessors providing teaching teams with in-house professional learning, bolstering the excellence in our teaching program. VCE teachers are committed to the learning and wellbeing of students in VCE, often offering support to students during lunchtimes and conducting drop-in style tutorial sessions. In addition to the support offered by teachers, students also have access to a comprehensive library of learning and support materials including study design guides, summary notes, practice examinations, revision lectures and additional text books.


A large number of GWSC VCE graduates are successfully admitted to Science undergraduate courses at Monash University, The University of Melbourne and RMIT. Popular courses including those in Science, Medicine, Biomedical Science, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science and Nursing.


Practical Learning

Practical laboratory learning at GWSC is supported by two laboratory technicians who have extensive and unparalleled knowledge of laboratory techniques, safety and creative ideas for teaching science in the classroom. Students have access to a wide variety of different practical experiments, equipment and demonstrations and are exposed to key laboratory techniques which are fundamental to understanding conceptual knowledge in the middle years and VCE. GWSC has nine fully equipped science laboratories and four preparation rooms including access to well maintained equipment such as microscopes, chemical glassware, analytical instruments and spectrometers and spectroscopes.


Monash Tech School

GWSC is proud to be a partner school for the Monash Tech School. This program explores concepts and learning in Science and Technology. Our students have enjoyed these excursions where they have been immersed in problem based learning, investigation and inquiry whilst being exposed to state-of-the-art technology including Coding Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Gene manipulation and replication technology. As part of this program students have worked on-site at the Monash Tech School campus as well as visited hospitals and the Yakult Factory to explore science and technology behind gut microbial health.


National Science Week

National Science Week is a celebration of Science curiosity and discoveries in Science. Every year in August, GWSC offers a variety of in-class and whole-school activities aimed to nurture scientific wonder and curiosity.