The Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts is a vibrant area of the Glen Waverley School Community. We cover a wide range of subjects across all year levels including; Drama, Music, Media, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design. The Arts enable students to develop their creative and expressive capacities though both traditional and emerging art forms, developing skills and techniques through an ever changing and contemporary approach. We believe that the Arts are vitally important to the whole learner in developing confident and creative individuals.

Our learning spaces allow movement between rooms and interaction amongst classes which fosters inspiration and collaboration between classes.. It means the collaboration of ideas between staff also aids knowledge sharing and constantly improves our curriculum and the way we teach.

The Arts subjects take full advantage of the College’s technology to enhance the learning of all students in all arts areas. The faculty works across both iMacs and PCs and through the BYOD program in Senior School and the iPad program in Middle School;

  • Students can access and are exposed to a wide variety of Artists, Designers and Performers from different cultures and times to be inspired by and to utilise in their works,
  • Students have easy access to film and reflect on their own performances in Drama, Media and Music,
  • Use the Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie and Final Cut Pro for design and production,
  • Engage in online communities to share ideas, submit work and be inspired by the world around us,
  • Improvise and compose their own music and make arrangements of pre-existing works,
  • Students are able to record and manipulate sounds and tones to use in performances using tools such as Garageband, Mixcraft and the Auralia/Musition suite.
All Arts subjects follow through to the senior level where students are required to produce folios or create theatrical events and musical performances. They link to diverse tertiary courses and career opportunities which can involve jobs in the Arts areas, which may not only be the traditional paths such as designers, visual and performing artists, but also involve education, science, galleries, television, internet and managing community arts programs.

The Arts also add to the extra curricula activities for students throughout the year running Arts Week, The Middle School Exhibition, The Annual Senior Arts Exhibition, Spring and Autumn Galas, Battle of the Bands and other competitions. We aim to display the Arts to as many members of the school community as possible.

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