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Our ‘GWSC  Clubs’ Website provides students, parents/guardians and staff with information on all of the clubs, societies, programs, committees, networks and crews that run in our school currently. We aim to utilise this website to recognise, advertise, promote, support and celebrate all of the amazing extracurricular events that are happening around Glenny!


This website also enables GWSC students and staff to learn more about our clubs, societies, programs, committees, networks or crews which they may want to join now or help to develop in the future.


Here is the list of ‘GWSC Clubs’ and extracurricular programs that will be running in 2023  – AFL Unity Cup Program, Allies, Ani-Manga Club, Arts Council, Astronomers Association of GWSC, Baseball Club, Chess Club, Chinese Language Debate Club, Circus Club, Dynamics Dance Club, Fundraising and Community Service Committee, Garden Club, ‘GWSC GIANTS’ AFL Program, ‘Joint Environmental Mission’ Committee, ‘Live Below The Line’ Fundraising Network, College Magazine Committee, Mathematics Society, ‘Poverty Awareness Week’, Robotics Club, ‘SSV’ Inter-School Sports Program, STEM Club, Tech Crew, Tournament of Minds, Volleyball Club and ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ Fundraising Network.


Please click on the following link to access our ‘GWSC Clubs’ Website and find out more information in relation to the twenty-five clubs, societies, programs, committees, networks and crews that are active in our college currently –


If you have any questions or suggestions relating to our ‘GWSC Clubs’, please feel free to email Mr Robinson ( or pop up to Staff Room 3 for a chin-wag.