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January holiday break closure


The General Administration Office of Glen Waverley Secondary College is closed for the term break.

The office will reopen on Friday the 27th January.

Quires regarding enrolments should be directed to: enrolment_enquiries@gwsc.vic.edu.au

Other information regarding school can be obtained from our school website.





For information regarding eligibility for enrolment to GWSC please email your enquiry to Enrolment_Enquiries@gwsc.vic.edu.au


Glen Waverley Secondary College is a State Secondary School bound by the Neighbourhood Schools policy. For families seeking enrolment of their children into the College, the following guiding principles underpin the policy and the College's enrolment process and requirements.

The Neighbourhood Schools Policy seeks:

  • To provide each child with the right to a place in a designated neighbourhood school
  • Wherever practical to provide parents with the opportunity to enrol their child in the same school as that being attended by an older brother or sister who resides permanently at the same address
  • To contain enrolments in each school within the limits of available resources

Enrolment Criteria
Glen Waverley Secondary College is a school with restricted enrolment.
Families can request a Year 7 placement at a school that is not your designated neighbourhood school, however the school can only accept your enrolment if there is sufficient capacity at the school so do so.
To be eligible for enrolment, in years 8 to 12, the family's permanent residence must be within the college neighbourhood area.

Where an enrolment is being considered the following criteria and notes apply:

  • The family must live within the College neighbourhood area. (refer Enrolment Criteria statement above).
  • An enrolling student will live with his or her parent(s)[1]
  • Applications to transfer from neighbouring schools on residential criteria may not be granted
  • The College should be contacted before accommodation arrangements in the school neighbourhood area are finalised to clarify (a) if the property is in the neighbourhood area and (b) that the College has available spaces
  • Property or Lease documents must be under the parent's name. For enrolment purposes the minimum lease period is 12 months through a registered Real estate agent and must be concurrent to the year of enrolment.  Private lease arrangements, including living with relatives, are not acceptable.  Families are expected to remain in the School Neighbourhood Area for the entire time the child is enrolled at Glen Waverley Secondary College ( refer Permanent Residency in the School Neighbourhood Area below).[2]
  • Proof of residency must be determined before the enrolment process can begin. Families are required to present documentation that proves they are living in the property such as utility bills/connection notices or a removalist account, and must include a current driver's licence (indicating a residential address in the College's Schools Neighbourhood area)
  • If the College is unable to offer a place in the appropriate year level the College will assist the family in enrolling into another neighbourhood school, until a place becomes available.
  • Students who have a permanent residential address within the school neighbourhood area[3] are to maintain accurate and up-to-date student, family, and residency records
  • Sibling applications may not be granted if the family resides outside the neighbourhood area
  • Where the student is coming from an English Language Centre, Glen Waverley Secondary College will complete an English language competency assessment to determine the readiness for enrolment. If the student is deemed not ready, the College will support the student to enrol in further intensive learning of English.


  1. Staying with a relative or friend does not qualify as "permanent" residency. Guardianship is not a criterion for enrolment unless supported by the relevant papers endorsed by the Family Law Court.
  2. It is the family's responsibility to immediately notify the College if details (including residential details) change during an enrolment period. The College must also be immediately informed when details change after the student has commenced at the school.
  3. When assessing enrolment applications, Glen Waverley Secondary College may make the followingenquiries to verify the information provided about a student's permanent residence:
    • Checking the electoral roll at an Australian Electoral Commission office or the Victorian Electoral Commission head office.
    • Checking with a real estate agent.
    • Checking whether the contact landline phone number provided is registered to the residence providedon the enrolment form.
    • For a rental property which is a studio apartment or a one bedroom unit, checking whether there are any regulations/codes limiting the occupancy of these apartments to one person per apartment.

Permanent residency in the School Neighbourhood Area
For the purpose of student enrolment in Victorian government school, the Department considers permanent place of residence is the address at which a child permanently resides at the time of enrolment. If a child resides at multiple addresses, the child's 'permanent residence' is the address at which the child spends the majority of his/her weekdays. 

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To assist schools in verifying a student's permanent residence when assessing enrolment applications, schools may request parents/carers to provide supporting documentation. The enrolment application may not be accepted if the requested information/documentation is not provided.

Glen Waverley Secondary College has the expectation that the family will remain permanent residents within the School Neighbourhood Area for the duration of their child's/children's education at Glen Waverley Secondary College.

Enrolment Constraints
The College continues to experience exceptional, unabated growth in its school population. The increase in numbers has been particularly exacerbated by the number of families moving into the School Neighbourhood Area, as well as the increase in the number of rental properties within the Area.

All enquiries about residence, particularly any queries about whether a property is in or out of the GWSC catchment, should be made by contacting the GWSC General Office on 8805 6700.

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