Technology at GWSC


Technology has a very proud history at GWSC. We offer a wide range of subjects in both Digital and Design Technologies. Our rooms are equipped with the tools our students need to create high quality products, such as CNC milling machines, 3D printers, a fully-equipped woods, plastics and metals workshop and two textiles workshops. 


Year 7 students start their journey in the study of Technology in Digital Technology. In this subject, students learn about how digital systems operate, opportunities and issues around connectivity and how to gather, manipulate and interpret data and information. Students also learn coding in Python and create their own game. 


This is followed in Year 8 by an introduction to the Design Technologies of Textiles and Applied STEM, with students completing a semester of each subject. They learn about the GWSC Creative Design Process and use it to design and create products to suit a purpose. They learn about the materials used and sustainability issues which affect our consumer society. 


In Year 9, students complete the compulsory subject of Food Technology. In this subject, students learn about nutrition, food trends and multicultural influences on food in Australia including Indigenous foods, food science and ethical and sustainability issues. They also develop their skills in producing food products, which they get to take home and enjoy with their families. 


Students also have a range of electives to choose from in Year 9 and 10 spanning across both Design and Digital Technologies. From Game Design and Creation, to Food Studies to the ever-popular Systems Engineering - we have something for every student. 


At VCE, we offer Food Studies (Units 1-4), Systems Engineering (Units 1-4), Applied Computing (Units 1 & 2) and Software Development (Units 3 & 4). We have had great success in these subjects with excellent VCE scores and a Premier’s Award in very recent years. 


Our students have had great success in a range of extra curricular challenges over the year including the Victorian Coding Challenge and competitions at Monash Tech School. 


Monash Tech School


We are proud to have a strong partnership with Monash Tech School. Currently, we are participating in a joint initiative with MTS and our Food Technology classes using CoSpaces Virtual Reality software to create virtual escape rooms as a vehicle to teach users about food sustainability and ethical issues. Year 9 students not only learn about the food issues that affect us both now and in the future, but also learn valuable coding skills. 


In the past we have also collaborated with MTS in partnership with businesses small and large for our Year 11 Applied Computing students, who interviewed real world clients and built computer systems to meet their needs.

Subjects offered in Technology at GWSC


Year 7

  • Digital Technology

Year 8

  • Applied STEM
  • Design & Technology - Textiles 

Year 9 Electives

  • Design & Technologies - Wood
  • Design & Technologies - Textiles
  • Systems Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Creative Computing 
  • Game Design & Creation
  • Digital Technology

Year 10 Electives

  • Design Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Fashion Design & Textiles 
  • Food Studies
  • Software Applications & Development 

Year 11

  • Systems Engineering
  • Food Studies 
  • Computing

Year 12

  • Systems Engineering
  • Food Studies 
  • Software Development