Gain Wisdom Merit Program

The Gain Wisdom Merit Program is an overarching program that tracks and accumulates each student’s individual achievements, in the academic, extra-curricular, social and community spheres. Students have the opportunity to accumulate Gain Wisdom Merit points throughout their time at GWSC and to achieve levels along the journey, culminating in attainment of the Gain Wisdom Owl.
The Gain Wisdom Merit Program aims to recognise the actions of students that exemplify the school vision and values:


Growing respectful, responsible, resilient global citizens who value diversity and lifelong learning


Respect          Diversity         Commitment              Perseverance                    Accomplishment


Gain Wisdom Affirmation

To Gain Wisdom as learners, community members and global citizens is our aspiration.


Gain Wisdom enshrines our values of: Respect, Diversity, Commitment, Perseverance and Accomplishment.


We recognise it is our ability to learn from our mistakes and failings, that allows us to Gain Wisdom.


To Gain Wisdom begins at Glen Waverley Secondary College and serves us to lead productive and fulfilling lives and to positively impact the lives of others.


Gain Wisdom Merit Program Guide