English at Glen Waverley is an exciting experience that aims to deliver a high quality curriculum in an engaging and meaningful way. The department’s success is largely driven by our team of passionate teachers who empower students to understand the world around them through the study of language. We believe in the importance of connecting our students to a range of literature including traditional literary texts and other more contemporary modes of text such as; online forums, films and print media. We encourage our students to develop the skills of questioning and thinking deeply about texts. Students look at the social and cultural contexts which are embedded in books, in order to learn about the world around them.


The dynamic curriculum offered in English is further supported by our teachers’ innovative use of technology and learning spaces. The school’s focus on team teaching allows teachers to collaborate and deliver high quality curriculum. Teachers model the behaviour associated with effective teamwork for their students. The collaboration between teachers facilitates an ongoing sharing of knowledge and skills, leading to outstanding curriculum programs.


The college’s abundance of technological resources makes learning engaging and unique.  English students use a range of technology including Google Classroom to learn and demonstrate their understanding.


The school's emphasis on developing 21st century skills leads to a curriculum that is not solely driven by content, but focuses on the development of effective learning dispositions. This emphasis allows students to develop the necessary tools for improvement within all subjects. In English we value dispositional learning and our units embed the development of essential 21st century learning skills.


The school library is a welcoming space full of resources to get even the most reluctant of readers engaged with a good book. Reading at GWSC is unique. Exciting curriculum initiatives such as literacy circles, pairs reading, online reading forums and author visits offer students a chance to discuss reading and justify their interpretations of texts. The English faculty and Library staff work closely in supporting all students with their reading.


At the VCE level our students continue to shine across all three English subjects offered:



English is a subject which provides students with an excellent foundation in terms of written and oral communication skills. In English students study a range of texts including novels, films and media texts. Students develop their skills as a writer and create a number of persuasive, creative and expository texts.



The study of Literature focuses on the enjoyment and appreciation of reading that arises from discussion, debate and the challenge of exploring the meanings of literary texts. Assessment for this subject includes both analytical and creative tasks. Students present their interpretations of texts and employ the techniques of other writers in their own work.


English Language

English Language looks at how language operates, how people acquire language and how they use it. English Language also explores how language changes over time. Students learn to describe and analyse a range of spoken and written texts. Students will acquire a whole new vocabulary in order to analyse language. 



 "Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow . ." - Lawrence Clark Powell  (American Librarian, Writer and Critic, 1906-2001)