The College's older style buildings have gradually been replaced by newer style buildings.

Commissioned in mid-April 2007, the Library provides natural-light-filled reading areas, fluorescent-lit private study areas, a central convention space, and the usual complement of library support spaces. The building includes computer labs and a Sick Bay, the latter staffed by a full-time school nurse.

Art Wing
Once the existing school library building had been decommissioned, the base building was refitted to serve as the College's new Art precinct. Exterior walls were partially 'pushed out, opening the space up and providing for studio-style learning spaces. The core structure is of a clear span construction, and was very suited to this conversion. As well as large internal spaces, the Arts building sports an external decking that students use for open air painting and sketching, as well as for socialising during recess and lunchtime.

Administration Block
The administration block was among the first spaces to be delivered, and sits on O'Sullivan Road, providing a clear entrance to the College, and clarifying the layout of the school. Previously, the Administration area was located in the centre of the site.

The Administration block provides accommodation for the Principal class teachers, as well as the General Office, Business Manager, Daily Organiser, Facilities Manager, and a Professional Learning suite. ICT technical support is also located there.

Senior Centre
As part of the redevelopment, minor extension work and reforming of the external accesses was carried out on the existing Senior Centre. Access for students with mobility issues was specifically incorporated in the renovations, as previous access mechanisms had been demolished.

Middle School Building
The Middle School Building is a two-storey structure intended primarily for students in years 7 through 9. It is equipped with science and computer labs, and clusters of reconfigurable learning spaces. The key concept to these reconfigurable spaces is that standard-sized classrooms can be easily opened up (by redeploying operable walls) to facilitate team teaching programmes. Interactive whiteboards and projection screens for rich media are also integrated into this building.

The Middle School Office is located on the lower floor of the Middle School Building.

The building is fitted with an elevator for the convenience of students with mobility issues, and for the transporting of stage equipment and other heavy materials.

The Middle School Building and the Senior Centre form the end poles of the central axis of the newly redeveloped precinct of the College grounds.