Middle School Camps Program

The Middle School Camps Program is seen as an integral part of the students learning experience and is structured in line with the College's Vision and Values Statement.   The Program is carefully designed to foster strong relationships between students and staff and to expand their knowledge and life experience.

Year 7 Grantville Camp
GWSC Year 7 students attend a three day (two night) camp in their Form Groups at Grantville Lodge, managed by UC Camping.

Students will attend a camp at Grantville Lodge in Grantville, approximately 75 minutes from Glen Waverley.

Students participate in a program that is structured with students under direct Outdoor Education Leaders instruction for all adventure activities. The curriculum includes a selection of outdoor activities such as canoeing, rafting,high and low ropes courses, bushwalking, environmental awareness activities, a one-night guided camp out and other outdoor experiences.

The four aims of the program include ‘Community Spirit and Team Work’, ‘Environmental Awareness’, ‘Independence’ and ‘Resilience’. These are addressed through group based and individual activities including reflections and Character Strengths whilst attending the camp in Form groups. The students are aided in this learning experience by both Grantville Lodge staff and Glen Waverley Secondary College staff.

Year 8 Merricks Camp
In Year 8 students attend a three day camp at Merricks Lodge in their House groups. Merricks Lodge is managed by UC Camping and have a program specifically designed for the needs of our College. The focus of this camp is Sustainability and Indigenous Culture which students experience through activities and sessions with local Indigenous leaders. Outcomes are wide-ranging, and are linked to the school curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum.

The program has been carefully designed to maximize the links between the camp experience and the Year 8 curriculum. Students visit Point Nepean National Park and collect data which is used at school to complete their Year 8 Humanities Common Assessment Task. This camp experience is an important component in developing a cohesive and effective learning community.