Year 9 Art

Year 9 Art – Painting and Drawing
Year 9 Art students are involved in painting during this six month elective. They are concerned with learning practical skills through modelling of techniques, you tube clips and artist research. Recently students are beginning to work on canvas paintings based on still life exercises.

There are quite a number of drawing exercises, research into street art, classical art themes, as well as exploring paint strokes and colour theories covered over the semester.

Year 9 Drama
Drama allows students to develop social and performance skills, as well as an appreciation of the arts in relation to Drama and the Theatre. They will take part in Drama workshops activities which can include dramatic and production skills, improvisation, role plays, mime, movement and script work. Students will review their own work and complete assignments and journals.

It is a terrific subject to build skills in group work and communication skills.

Year 9 Media
Media allows students to investigate various Apple programs to produce short films, promotional posters, and animation exercises. They learn about contemporary Media approaches and different ways to use the technology now available to them through their bring their own devices as well as using the iMac computers to understand programs like iMovie and Final Cut Pro in more detail. They are given the opportunity to use the green screen to create Media clips, as well as compose sound tracks.

They will look at Sitcoms and film to understand how films and television programs use a range of techniques to create mood, sound and lighting, comedy and drama.

Year 9 Digital Photography
In this subject students acquire a sound understanding of camera basics using the digital cameras provided by the school. They are also taken through Photoshop and learn the basics of altering photos, both creatively as well as to produce better quality prints. Aesthetic considerations and what makes a great photo are looked at in depth using historical and contemporary images. They practise skills in visual criticism using appropriate art language related to visual elements, principles and composition.

They are taken through a variety of exercises and look at equipment, processes and technical skills involved in digital photography. The class takes place in a computer lab, but the students also have the opportunity to attend local and Melbourne excursions to allow a range of images to be taken.

Year 9 Printmaking
Students are taken through a variety of printmaking techniques. These may include lino cuts, stencil prints, screen printing, and etching. Their individual drawing and sketching skills as a foundation for ideas are built upon. Their drawings are developed into final prints. Art language and appreciation is connected to printmaking, but not entirely.

Year 9 Sculpture
A variety of sculpture techniques are explored over the semester elective of Sculpture. Students will use a variety of sources of inspiration to create sculptures using techniques which may include modelling, papier mache, carving, and building and mould making.

Students will look at sculptures from contemporary sources and watch relevant clips before completing written work to develop a personal understanding of sculptural forms.

Year 9 Visual Communication Design
Visual Communication Design students use the Design Elements and Principles to develop ideas and create solutions to Design Briefs. We look at Adobe Illustrator to learn about Vector Drawings and the tools of the computer program.

Students will also complete a mini folio based on the Design Process and are able to select from an area of interest to them in the design field. These include Product, Industrial or Architectural Design. They cover tasks such as Typography and improve rendering skills using materials such as the Copic markers to produce a folio of creative communications. Written work covers the specific Design language, as well as notes and discussions in their folio about the practical work and research.