Learning & Teaching

At Glen Waverley Secondary College, we believe that powerful learning is promoted by: positive, caring relationships; a positive learning environment; and by guiding the learning process.

Positive, caring relationships
which encourage:

  • appropriate interactions
  • co-operation and mutual respect
  • tolerance and understanding
A positive learning environment

which requires:

  • motivation and engagement
  • high expectations
  • independent and collaborative work
  • regular feedback
Guiding the learning process

which involves:

  • scaffolding the learning
  • explicit teaching of generic skills and attributes
  • metacognition
  • catering for, and extending of, individual thinking styles
  • focusing on understanding of major concepts, or 'big ideas'
  • appropriate use of learning technologies
  • constructivist approach to learning
  • frequent assessment around clear standards
These three processes develop and enable autonomous action, and promote the construction of personal meaning and conscious awareness.

Ultimately, powerful learning is that which results in a sense of self-worth and personal growth.


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