BYOD requirements FAQs

2022 BYOD Requirements - Frequently asked questions

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What type of device can I use and what are the specifications?

Notebooks:        Screen size between 10.1 and 15.6 inch.

Tablets:              Any Windows or iPad Air and above. Minimum screen size of 9.7 inch 

                            (no iPad mini’s). 

                            Also check “What operating system can I use?”

                            Windows devices with an ARM processor cannot be used.


It is recommended that the device has a keyboard, suitable storage for schoolwork and it must have sufficient battery life for the school day (devices cannot be charged at school). 

macOS may not be suitable for running some required software, please check the subject requirements.

Year 7 & 8       Notebooks or Tablets as per this document.

Years 9 - 12    Notebooks only. As per this document.


Please note that in 2022 all Year 9-12 students will be required to use a notebook only. This is to better meet the needs of the Year 9 & 10 elective program and the various subjects at VCE.


What operating system can I use?

Windows:          Version 8.1. 10 or 11. Not RT, /S or BETA versions.

iOS:                    Version 10.1 or above, no BETA versions.

macOS:             Version 10.11 or above, no BETA versions.

You should contact the Comms Office prior to upgrading to a new version of operating system.


Can I connect my phone?

No, phones cannot be connected and must remain in your locker.


Does the school supply any free software?

The Department of Education has the following free software for use by students on their BYOD’s whilst attending a public school. These can be installed by the student.

  • Windows 10 – Install at home only
  • Office 2016 – Install at school only
  • Office 365 on line using the students EduPass credentials
  • Adobe (CC) Illustrator and Photoshop (for Art students) – Install at school only


How many devices can I connect to the school’s network?

You can only have one device connected. 

Macs running macOS and Windows can only have one operating system connected.


How do I get my device connected to the school?

The arrangements for the connection of any new BYOD’s at the start of the year will be distributed to students early in Term 1. To change devices please bring both the old and new device to the Comms office. New students starting during the year should go to the Comms office to be connected. Your device must be set to English Language for this connection and future support to take place.

If my device is already connected to the network from the previous year do I need to reconnect?

No, your device will remain connected to the network unless you change, reimage, restore or factory reset your device or leave the school. 


Who do I see about warranty, insurance, hardware, Operating System (OS) and software problems?

Warranty – you should contact the retail outlet you purchased the machine from.

Insurance – it is recommended that you contact your house / contents insurer to add it on.

Software / OS – Any software including the Operating System (OS) is the responsibility of the student / family and should be referred to a computer specialist outside of the school.

Faults / Damage – This is the responsibility of the student / family and should be referred to a computer specialist outside of the school.


What do I do if my device is lost, stolen, broken or faulty?

It is the family's responsibility to rectify this (please refer to the above FAQ) however whilst this is being carried out the student may have another device that meets the schools criteria connected until the original device is fixed. The temporary device should then be taken to the Comms Office to be removed from the network once the repair has been completed.


Can I change devices?

Yes, provided the device meets the schools criteria and it is going to be used for some time. Both the old and new device should be taken to the Comms Office to be changed over.


What will the school support?

Glen Waverley Secondary College will be responsible for connecting your device to the network, Internet, school printers and storage areas.

This can only be done if your machine is fully functioning and meets the listed device criteria.


Can I charge my device at school?

No, there are no facilities to charge your device at school. This should be done prior to coming to school.


What software do I need to purchase?

Students may be required to purchase some subject specific software dependent upon subject selection. Parents will be notified where this is the case.


Do I need an Anti-virus and Anti-malware program?

Yes. Windows comes with Windows Defender which is an anti-virus and anti-malware program. You may choose to install a free or purchased anti-virus or anti-malware program, however these may interfere with the GWSC connection. These programs must be kept up to date and regular scans of the device should be carried out.

macOS will require you to install one.


Is the schools Internet filtered and what can I do at home?

The schools Internet connection is filtered (at school only), logged and limited and it is for educational purposes only.

Parents wishing to filter their home Internet connection may wish to purchase one from Family Zone. This is not supported by the school however as it is by the same company that does the schools filtering and they offer our parents an education discount.

Can I put parental controls on?

We have found that parental controls prohibit students carrying out their school work at school.

Students should also have administrative rights to their devices so they can be connected and install school software.


Will connecting my device to the schools network impact upon my home network connection?

The connection process to the GWSC network will not impact your home network connection. 


Who is responsible for backing up my data and where do I backup to?

It is the students / families responsibility to keep current backups of your device. This should be done at home to an external storage device or the cloud.


Will students be able to access the Internet, network drives and print using their device at school? 

Students will be able to access the College network drives and internet via wireless on their device at school. Printing will be available from student devices in the same fashion as all other computers in the College. The same charges will apply as for printing from a College owned computer.


Can I install software, updates, etc at school?

No, these should be carried out at home.


How does the school support students to use their devices appropriately while at school?

The BYOD program is covered by the GWSC eSmart and Digital Citizenship Policy and it is expected that as good digital citizens the students will use the device appropriately not only while in class, but at other times as well. The College sees the importance of working with families to ensure students have appropriate skills and strategies for participating responsibly in the global digital world. ‘Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Responsible Use Policy provides clear guidelines regarding appropriate computer usage within the school and can be viewed on our Web site.


What are the limitations on personal use?

The device is owned by the student’s family, and they are thus able to use the device for any personal uses within the constraints of the College’s Digital Citizenship and Responsible Usage policies. These uses should not interfere with the use of the device at school. This would include ensuring adequate storage space is maintained, that no inappropriate material or software is put on the device, and the device is fully charged for daily use in the classroom.


Where can I find information on the use of my device, configuration and software?

Once connected, you will be able to go to Q:\BYOD Information whilst at school.


Who can I ask about these requirements?

For further information, questions or clarification on the BYOD requirements and process, please contact the Comms Office or email