Year 9 Program

In Year 9, the core curriculum program of Years 7 & 8 changes to a core and elective program.  As well as compulsory core subjects, students will be given the opportunity to choose electives from a broad range of subjects covering all key learning areas.

The Year 9 Core Program
Students will study core subjects comprising English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Health and Physical Education throughout the year. Food Technology is a semester length core subject which is timetabled within the elective block.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Selected students are provided access to English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. These students are given assistance in small “similar needs” groups to increase their English communication skills and to assist them with their language based core subjects.

The ACE Program
All Year 9 students participate in the ACE Program for a four week period in Semester 2 in House Groups. During this time students spend all of their core subject time developing, undertaking and reporting on a research question that they have developed with guidance and direction from facilitating teachers. Students also meet experts in the field, participate in community service activities and successful applicants will have the opportunity to participate in a research camp. Throughout the 4 week program students continue to participate in their elective classes (9 lessons each week).

The Year 9 Elective Program
Students will study a maximum of five electives. The number of electives will depend on students’ elective selection.

Electives are subjects that students choose to do. They provide students with the opportunity to have ownership of areas of learning through the choices they make. Through the elective program students are able to explore individual areas of interest beyond the scope of core work and to further enhance their skills and understanding. Electives provide an opportunity for students to experience a range of subjects and have been designed for this purpose.

Maths Science Humanities Health & Physical Education Food Technology (1 semester only) 5 electives (maximum)
5 periods
per week (ppw)
5 ppw 3 ppw 4 ppw 4 ppw 3 ppw Each
elective is 3 ppw