Everyone needs to be numerate to maximise their life chances and to make a positive contribution to society

Numeracy, like literacy, is a key pillar of learning and an essential component of our school curriculum. To be numerate is to confidently and effectively use mathematics to meet the everyday demands of life. Numeracy enables you to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in your daily life. We need numeracy to solve problems and make sense of time, numbers, patterns and shapes for activities like cooking, reading a map or bill, reading instructions and even playing sport.

A commitment to numeracy development is an essential component of learning areas across the curriculum and a responsibility for all teacher. Every classroom teacher has a role to play in helping students develop numeracy skills. For example, numeracy is used in science class when students interpret a graph, in English when they create spatial or graphical representations of information, in Humanities when they learn to analyse numerical data to make meaning of the past and in food technology when a student halves a recipe without being given specific instructions on what to do.

Glen Waverley Secondary College is very proud of outstanding student achievement in NAPLAN at Years 7 & 9 and in VCE Mathematics. It is a priority of the College to ensure we continue to challenge our highly able mathematical students while also ensuring that the mathematical learning of students struggling with maths concepts is supported.

To support all students with their numeracy development we offer the following co-curricular opportunities:

Enhancement Maths ( year 7 – 9):
High ability Maths students are identified through On Demand, NAPLAN and internal testing and teacher recommendation for inclusion in a Maths Enhancement program aimed at challenging their problem solving and enhancing Mathematical knowledge and understanding in a small group environment.

Maths Support (Years 7 - 9):
This program is run by experienced Maths teachers, this is aimed at supporting students who are finding Maths challenging and need extra assistance. Students in Years 7 to 9 can also obtain this support in Study Hall which is organised by the Middle School and supported by College teachers.

Year 10 Maths Support Program:
This program is run once a week after school for students identified as requiring extra maths support in preparation for undertaking VCE Maths. This program is run by past Glen Waverley students who are studying mathematics at university

VCE Maths Methods (Year 10):
Twenty-six of our high-achieving Year 10 Mathematics students are selected to study VCE Units 1/2 Maths Methods alongside the Year 10 mainstream Maths course. Providing students perform well in all of their subjects, including Maths Methods, they have the opportunity, in Year 11, to complete VCE Units 3/4 Maths Methods, which can result in a significant contribution to their ATAR

University Maths Enhancement: 
High-performing Year 12 students can choose to study a university subject in the Extension Program that is offered by a number of universities. Students often complete these subjects at the university, and gain valuable academic skills and experience in independent learning.


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