Literacy Across the Curriculum

Adolescents need to have strong literacy skills so that they can understand academic content, communicate in a credible way, particpate in cultural communities, and negotiate the world. In addition to a cultural component, therefore,building literacy addresses empowerment and equity issues' - Meltzer, J. (2001) Policy and Perspectives

‘Every Teacher is a Teacher of Literacy’

A significant priority of the College is the optimising and personalising the learning of all students to equip them with the skills, dispositions and essential understandings to be successful, contributing members of the 21st Century society and embedding a culture of effective teacher practice.

Glen Waverley Secondary College has implemented a whole school literacy approach which is central to our teaching and learning program. At GWSC teaching staff believe that developing a student’s literacy skills is fundamental to creating a powerful learner.

It is essential that teachers recognise and build on their students’ literacy skills and understanding within domains, ensuring all students are able to access the academic language and text types, domain specific vocabulary, concepts and behaviours required to be successful at school. (DEECD, Key Characteristics of Effective Literacy Teaching 7-10, January 2010) 

Literacy is the responsibility of all teachers in all Key Learning Areas.  Teachers within each of the Key Learning Areas are supported in developing an understanding of the literacy demands within their subject through the utilisation of relevant student data and the identification and use of universal literacy strategies across the curriculum. Through targeted professional learning, teachers develop the skills to select appropriate strategies to meet the specific needs of students in their class and to develop their capacity to integrate literacy, 21st Century skills, and eLearning strategies into their teaching practice.

Ongoing whole school and faculty professional learning ensures that teacher knowledge, understanding and ability to enhance the literacy of all students across the curriculum, is consistently reinforced. In this way the expertise of all staff to utilise the data to personalise student learning and ensure all students are making progress of which they are capable is common practice in the College.


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