2020 is the 60th Anniversary of Glen Waverley Secondary College.


Glen Waverley High School opened for students in 1960, in a set of Nissen huts.

The current College is a product of three separate secondary schools amalgamating in the early 1990s.

Syndal Secondary College and Lawrence Secondary College (the latter having a 'Technical School' specialisation) joined the existing Glen Waverley Secondary College to become an amalgamated school, sharing students, staff, and resources.

This came at a time when the Government was pursuing a policy of creating 'super' schools, rationalising small schools with dwindling enrolments out of existence. The belief was that larger schools would have a greater ability to offer a broad curriculum.

Lawrence closed first, followed by Syndal. The latter school continued as a junior campus (years 7 and 8) prior to closing. Syndal's hall still remains and is used by Glendal Primary School.

The buildings on the sites of these former schools were demolished, and the land was used for housing developments.


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