Year 7 Enrolment

2021 - Year 7 Enrolment - Important Information
Transition from Grade 6 to Year 7
Initially, primary schools are responsible for managing the Year 7 application process.

By the first week of term 2, primary schools will have distributed to the parents of Grade 6 children information relating to secondary education and an ‘Application for Year 7 Placement’ form. On this application form, parents are asked to list up to three secondary school preferences. If you would like your child to attend Glen Waverley Secondary College, it is important to list us as your first preference.

Parents/Guardians should note the following:

  • The information (transition pack) that is distributed to parents of grade 6 children will outline all relevant dates relating to the Year 7 placement process.
  • Parents are not to contact the Secondary School about Year 7 placement until they have received information from the Primary School.
  • Tours of the school will be conducted on specified dates. This provides ample time for parents to submit the 'Application for Year 7 Placement' to their primary school. 
  • Parents must be patient throughout the Grade 6 to Year 7 transition process. The whole process culminates in early August. This is when primary schools will notify parents in writing, with the Year 7 placement offer.

Please note that Year 7 placements are allocated according to guidelines issued by the North Eastern Victorian Region. Where there are insufficient places at a school for all students that seek entry, the NEVR has established a priority order in placing students:

  1. Students who reside permanently in the college neighbourhood area (that is, Glen Waverley SC is the designated neighbourhood school)
  2. Students who are able to make what is known as a ‘sibling claim’. That is, where a brother or sister is enrolled concurrently in the College and who resides permanently with their sibling(s).
  3. Where the Regional Director has restricted the enrolment (This applies to Glen Waverley Secondary College), Students who reside nearest the school.
  4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  5. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds may be considered.

Where a Year 7 enrolment application is being considered for 2021 the following information should be noted: 

  1. Proof of Residency – owned properties inside the neighbourhood area
    Proof of residency must be determined before the enrolment process can begin. Families who own a property inside the neighbourhood area are required to present documentation that proves they are living in the property. Suitable documentation would include such items as Council rates notices or utility bills/connection notices (e.g. Gas, Electricity). This documentation must include a current drivers licence, indicating a residential address in the school neighbourhood area.
  2. Families who lease properties in the school neighbourhood area
    For families who are leasing a property, the property or lease documents must be under the parent's name. The minimum leasing arrangement is 12 months through a Registered Estate Agent and must be concurrent to the year of enrolment. Subject to any changes to Department Enrolment Policy, GWSC has provision to withdraw a year 7 placement offer if:
    Prior to first day of attendance, the family changes address, and the new address is not within the college neighbourhood.
    GWSC becomes aware that the address provided on the enrolment application was not the genuine permanent address.
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It is not acceptable that a family resides within the Neighbourhood whilst the child is in Grade 6, and then move out of the neighbourhood immediately after securing a place in Year 7. 

Families will need to provide

  • a copy of the lease,
  • a copy of their bond receipt,
  • a copy of the latest utility (gas, electricity, etc) bills,
  • a valid driver’s licence listing that address.
You will also be required to advise us as to the length of time you have been at that address.

The lease must be through a Registered Real Estate Agent. Private lease arrangements will not be accepted.