Earth and Cosmos

GWSC students recently visited Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and the Royal Botanic Gardens as part of their Semester 1 'The Earth and The Cosmos' studies.

They firstly visited the aquarium where they were engaged in a guided education program focusing on sustainable ecosystems, climate change, food chains and food webs, symbiotic relationships, species adaptations, human impacts on marine environments and renewable resources. This unique program provided our students with the opportunity to observe both freshwater and marine organisms first hand, collect data relating to various ecological relationships and to also assist them better understand how human activities can impact the health of aquatic ecosystems around the world. Students then moved across to the Royal Botanic Gardens where they completed an education program focusing on terrestrial ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, abiotic and biotic factors, biodiversity, animal and plant adaptations, food chains and food webs, eutrophication and climate instability.