This is Glen Waverley Secondary College's 'Wind Ensemble'. This ensemble is the highest standard band out of the four bands that are run here at GWSC.

Music here at Glen Waverley provides an exciting and diverse program with many opportunities for students to be part of an ensemble throughout their entire secondary school life. There are 15 groups that rehearse and perform regularly here at Glen Waverley Secondary College and every student who is part of our highly effective instrumental program participates in at least one of these groups.


Wind Ensemble is an auditioned band, made up of around 60 students from Yr 7 all the way through to Yr 12, all of whom play at approximately AMEB Grade 5 - 6 level and above. Wind Ensemble rehearses on a weekly basis with Matt Poynter and Kate Burgess at the helm, working on top band repertoire such as this piece 'Mambo' by Leonard Bernstein.