F1 AusGP STEM Challenge National Final 2020

Congratulations to our GWSC ‘WASPV’ F1 Team who recently competed in the National Final of the 'Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix' STEM Challenge. Our ‘WASPV’ F1 Team consisted of Year 9 Research Science students - Kavana Gurukar, Suruthi Tharmaseelan, Ahmed Zahid, Cooper Monger and Veer Hira.

All five students represented both themselves and our college so very well throughout the entire competition, which began in Week 2 of Term 1. They firstly had to qualify for the National Final by designing and developing a prototype 'Autonomous F1 Vehicle’, which incorporated three key elements (Sensors, Connectivity and Pseudocode/Algorithms). The team decided to name their F1 car the ‘Winning Autonomous Safety Performance Vehicle’, or ‘WASPV’, and they also developed an associated team motto of ‘Bring On The Sting!’. Our ‘WASPV’ team then had to prepare a short engineering brief, outlining all of the key technologies and aerodynamic features that were built into their prototype.

You can view our 'WASPV' F1 Team's 'Virtual Pitch Presentation' at the following link -  


As you can see and hear, our ‘WASPV’ F1 Team delivered an informative and highly entertaining pitch presentation to the judges in the competition final. They also engaged in a ‘Q&A’ session with the expert panel, where they were asked to expand upon and justify their autonomous design features and vehicle performance.

At the conclusion of the final, our 'WASPV' F1 Team were absolutely rapt when they were announced as the 'First Runner Up' in the 'Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix' STEM Challenge! This is an amazing achievement and well-deserved reward for Suruthi, Veer, Kavana, Cooper and Ahmed! Kudos to you all on your outstanding efforts and for also being able to Bring On The Sting!