GWSC ‘Live Below The Line’ Fundraising Network

Congratulations to all of our GWSC ‘Live Below The Line’ Network members, who lived on just $2 of food per day for an entire week this September. 

They did so to raise awareness and donations in support of ‘Oaktree’, who provide education programs to help youth living below the line to break the poverty cycle.

Our GWSC ‘LBTL’ Network has thus far raised an astonishing $14,530 in donations for Oaktree this year, which is an outstanding effort from all involved and a testament to the generosity of our amazing Glenny community! Together, we have now raised $97,497 over the past seven years, to help tackle poverty in all its guises.

 We are again the #1 Fundraising School in Australia for the seventh straight year and also the #1 Fundraising Team overall for the third time in the ‘Live Below The Line’ Campaign.

Thank-you to all members of our college community who supported and sponsored our LBTL’ers throughout the 2020 fundraising campaign. We are so fortunate to be part of a community that continues to recognise the influence that we can have both locally and internationally to create lasting change. Together, let’s continue to raise awareness to support those in need, and spur each other on in this movement to make poverty an issue of the past.