Glenny Alumni Program (‘GAP’)

Glen Waverley Secondary College is developing an alumni program called ‘GAP’ to assist our former students and staff members to keep in touch with one another, whilst also maintaining a strong and meaningful connection with our school community.

Our aim is to bridge the ‘GAP’ between all former and current members of our GWSC family….

Calling all GWSC Graduates & Erstwhile Educators!


Greetings #GWSCommunity,


If you are a GWSC graduate or former staff member and would like to become a member of our ‘Glenny Alumni Program’, could you please enter your details into the following online registration form to be part of ‘GAP’ –


IMPORTANT - It would be greatly appreciated if members of our #GWSCommunity could please spread the word of our ‘Glenny Alumni Program’ on the bush telegraph (or through regular social media channels, maybe even the post) and reach out to all family members, friends and contacts who are former students or staff members at Glenny.


We have also created a new ‘Glenny Alumni Program’ web page that you can access at -


Apart from our ‘GAP’ logo, background information and program goals, you will also find on this webpage a section titled ‘GAP Spotlight Series’. Within this section are the personal and professional stories of Glenny Graduates who have gone on to do good…..exceptionally good… a range of different fields. We hope their stories inspire many members of our college community to get out there and follow your dreams….


As part of our program, Glenny graduates and erstwhile educators will have the chance to reminisce about their time at GWSC, network with former classmates and staff members, in addition to supporting the development and growth of our college community into the future.


Members of our ‘Glenny Alumni Program’ will be invited to volunteer as mentors who provide advice, support and inspiration to current students at Glen Waverley Secondary College. They will also be able to connect and form networks with fellow past students and staff, particularly those working or studying in areas relevant to them. Support will also be provided to ‘GAP’ members who wish to organise reunions or social events with those who they studied alongside or socialised with at high school.


We envisage that members of our ‘Glenny Alumni Program’ will find the proposed events and opportunities, that we are currently developing for ‘GAP’, to be rewarding and fulfilling experiences.  


Our ‘Glenny Alumni Program’ will be centred around the following goals:

- Establishing, advertising, growing and connecting our ‘GAP’ member database.

- Celebrating and highlighting outstanding achievements of Glenny graduates.

- Inviting former students and staff members back to our college to provide study and career advice to our current students, through mentoring programs or presentations as part of our ‘GAP’ Showcase Seminar Series for senior students.

- Encouraging alumni to offer work experience or internship placements to current GWSC students and former college graduates.

- Assisting ‘GAP’ members to establish and/or contribute to scholarships which support current students within both academic and extracurricular settings.

- Supporting former members of our college community to develop and sponsor philanthropic projects or programs associated with GWSC.

- Creating strengthened connections and ongoing relationships between all former, current and future members of our GWSC community.  


Thank-you in advance to all members of our college community who sign-up to be part of our ‘Glenny Alumni Program’ and then spread the word on how to become a member of ‘GAP’.