GWSC ‘Poverty Awareness Week’ 2022

From the 2nd to the 6th of May this year, GWSC hosted its eighth annual ‘Poverty Awareness Week’, to raise awareness and also funds for communities across the globe who are afflicted by this injustice. 

The students and staff of our GWSC 2022 ‘Poverty Awareness Week’ Committee and GWSC 2022 'Live Below The Line' Fundraising Network would like to send out a GIANT  THANK-YOU to all of those incredible people in our GWSC Community who kindly supported and involved themselves in our education programs and fundraising initiatives during 'PAW' in 2022.

We kicked off our 'PAW' fundraising activities with a 'Snags for Change' Bunnings BBQ, which was a huge success as our gourmet snag menu drew in droves of tradies and home renovators alike. Back at GWSC, our Years 7 & 8 Living and Learning classes engaged in education programs focusing on the multidimensional nature of poverty whilst our Year 9 Humanities classes explored Food Security and Sustainability in their lessons during 'PAW'. Our 'Grocery Goods Guessing Game' tested our student's knowledge of the rising costs associated with many staple foods and also issues associated with food insecurity. The fifty cent pieces were flying and stacks of 'FairTrade' chocolate blocks were won by our students during our 'Mega-Lob-A-Choc-4.0' fundraising event. Treseder Hall was rocking on the Wednesday of 'PAW', with our 'Live and Loud Below The Line' Open Mic Charity Concert showcasing the musical talents of many students and staff up on stage, whilst our 'PAW' Committee student leaders educated the huge crowd about poverty in all its guises between sets. Our 'LemonAID' fundraising stand proved to be a big hit, with students and staff exchanging their loose change for a can that can and will make enduring change! The 84 members of our 'Live Below The Line Fundraising' Network celebrated the half-way mark of their empathetic eating endeavours, sharing stories about their $2 a day menu plans whilst also providing support and encouragement to one another during our annual 'Lunch Below The Line'. We then had a visit from Bunnings staff members on the Thursday of 'PAW', who assisted our GWSC Garden Club to run our 'Sustainable Gardening Display' and also give away 400 herbs and flowers that they planted in eco-pots! Our 'Mega Mother's Day Market' helped our 'PAW' Committee to raise even more funds in support of Oaktree and FoodBank, as students and staff exchanged donations for gorgeous gifts and cards for their Mum or Nan. Our annual 'FoodBank' Food Drive was a great success, with a mountain of rice, pasta and tinned foods being donated by our generous GWSC community. We then finished 'PAW' with a celebration and awards ceremony in the Hall, where our dedicated and inspiring 'LBTL'ers and 'PAW' Committee Student Leaders were recognised and thanked for their fantastic efforts raising awareness and donations throughout 'PAW'.            

It was amazing to witness so many conversations and events happening throughout our 2022 ‘Poverty Awareness Week’ which enhanced our collective understanding of the issues associated with extreme poverty, encouraged us to consider how it is linked to sustainability and most importantly got us all thinking about what we can do to create enduring change to support communities living below the poverty line to rise above it....

Together this year, our GWSC community raised a tremendous total of $15,575 and 106 kg of donated food items to support the charitable endeavours of Oaktree and FoodBank. Incredibly over the past 8 years our GWSC ‘PAW’ Committee has raised an amazing $132,332 and 1172 kg of non-perishable food items to support both local and international aid organisations, who assist impoverished communities in need. 

Thank-you again GWSC Community members….your empathy, generosity and support are greatly appreciated! It has been a real team effort, from a wide range of members across our GWSC Community, to organise and run our eighth 'Poverty Awareness Week'. We are so fortunate to learn, work and live alongside such phenomenally munificent and empathetic people at GWSC who are dedicated to improving the lives of others impacted by the injustice of poverty around our world. Remember, if you can waste not and want not….then those in need will never have to be!

Thank-you again amazing Glenny Community, we look forward to continuing our fight against poverty into the future alongside you all!