CSIRO ‘CREST’ Award Recipients

Congratulations to two of our ‘Student Research Groups’ who have attained 'Creativity in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology' Awards from the CSIRO for the collaborative research inquiries that they completed during their Semester 2 studies in 'Year 9 Research Science' this year.

Kudos to the following ‘CREST’ Award recipients – Anna Herlekar, Zoey Huang, Sameeksha Madhusudan, Elysha Ng, Dhayalen R, Anuk Ratnatunga, Parishi Shah, Simran Sihota and Katrina Tran.

The CSIRO ‘CREST’ Program aims to develop students inquiry skills within a broad range of areas associated with Science, Technology and Engineering. Students are encouraged to develop, practice and apply skills and capacities associated with critical and creative thinking, ethical understandings, occupational health and safety, environmental impact, scientific literacy, scepticism and emerging technologies.

Our GWSC ‘CREST’ Award recipients have been recognised by the CSIRO for their excellence, commitment and perseverance within the classroom and also the laboratory. Well done on receiving this award from the CSIRO, you should all be very proud of your endeavours and achievements!