Poverty Awareness Week & Live Below The Line

Our GWSC ‘Poverty Awareness Week’ Committee and 'Live Below The Line' Network have raised a tremendous total of $17,581.20 and 624kg of donated food items to support the charitable endeavours of Oaktree and FoodBank. Thank-you Glenny Community for your empathy, generosity and continued support!

We would like to send out a giant THANK-YOU to all of those in our GWSC Community who supported and involved themselves in our education programs and fundraising initiatives during 'Poverty Awareness Week'.

It was amazing to witness so many conversations and events happening throughout ‘PAW’ which enhanced our understanding of the issues associated with extreme poverty, encouraged us to consider how it is linked to sustainability and most importantly got us all thinking about what we can do to create enduring change and support communities living below the poverty line to rise above it....

This has been a real team effort from a wide range of members across our GWSC Community. We are so fortunate to learn, work and live alongside such phenomenally munificent and empathetic people who are dedicated to improving the lives of others impacted by the injustice of poverty around our world.

Thank-you again Glenny Community, we look forward to continuing our fight against poverty into the future! Remember, if you can waste not and want not….then those in need should never have to be!