House Athletics Carnival's ELLIOT for the win! Congratulations!
Middle School students battled Melbourne's unpredicatble weather last Friday on the track for the House Athletics Carnival 2021

The Middle School students were all pumped and ready to be back at the track participating in the many events that the day would hold. It was fantastic to see that team spirit and enthusiasm were a feature of this event

After a day of close competition and encouragement it was Elliot who claimed victory with some outstanding individual and team efforts. Well done to all of the students involved, and a big thanks to all of the staff for their hard work and assistance in running such a successful day.

We are looking forward to seeing our students compete at Division Athletics in Term 3!

Middle School House Athletics
1st Elliott 1857 points
2nd Goolagong 1623 points
3rd Bradman 1511 points
4th Fraser 1473 points

An awesome day had by all - Congratulations!