Students in Years 7 and 8 at Glen Waverley Secondary College study a common curriculum which encompasses the eight Learning Areas:

The program offered for Years 7 and 8 has been designed to meet the diverse educational needs of the students and to provide them with stimulating and valuable learning experiences.

Over the two year period, students will gain experience in a range of studies within each learning area.  This will provide them with a sound basis for their continuing studies. Most subjects in Years 7 and 8 run for an entire year, however, Art and Technology subjects are offered for one semester each year.  All students follow the same curriculum program. 

Selected students are provided access to English as an Additional Language (EAL) support.  These students are given assistance in small “similar needs” groups to increase their English communication skills and to assist them with their language based core subjects.

Learning Areas Year 7 Year 8
English English/EAL 5 ppw English 5 ppw
Mathematics Mathematics 5 ppw Mathematics 4 ppw
Science Science 3 ppw Science 3 ppw
Humanities Humanities 3 ppw Humanities 4 ppw
Health & Physical Education Physical Education 3 ppw Physical Education / Health 4 ppw
Arts Art & Design
4 ppw (S)
3 ppw (S)
3 ppw (S)
Art & Design
3 ppw (S)
3 ppw (S)
Technology Intergrated Technology 4 ppw (S) Design, Creativity & Technology 4 ppw
Languages Chinese or
French or
3 ppw Chinese or
French or
Italian or
English as an Additional Language
2 ppw
Living and Learning 1 ppw 1 ppw