Year 10 Living and Learning Careers Program

Living and Learning is a one period a week personal development program with a particular focus on developing students’ emotional intelligence, learning capacity and career awareness.

By the end of Year 10, it is expected that students will: 

Vocational testing

Students undertake interest-based vocational testing. The outcome of the testing is to match the student with particular occupations by linking the characteristics of the individual with the characteristics of occupations.

Students use the Myfuture questionnaire ‘Matching Skills and Interests to a Career’ at

Vocational interest testing can be a valuable tool in conjunction with other holistic career development activities, in particular for students who have no idea about what they may like to do in the future. It can enhance their knowledge of vocational interests and provide them with a range of occupations to be explored. Follow up with career exploration activities of occupations can then form the basis of reality checking. Students need to know which courses and occupations are real options, which are those from which they will be excluded because they do not have the physical requirements or the academic ability. They also need to be aware of future job prospects in occupational areas that interest them. 

VCE Planning Seminar 

In preparation for selecting their Year 11 VCE course, Year 10 students will attend a VCE Planning Seminar to explain the VCE system and to provide them with information on the VCE subjects available at GWSC. Students are also informed of VET in the VCE options, alternatives to completing the VCE at GWSC and factors which should be considered when choosing VCE subjects.

Following the seminar, each Living & Learning class will be allocated a VCE course counsellor who will discuss with students their proposed VCE course and advise accordingly. There will also be a VCE Information Night for parents.

Students will receive a folder of information which will include the Tertiary Entry Guide for the year they will be entering tertiary study. This guide is published by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). This guide is important reading for Year 10 students as it lists prerequisite VCE subjects. These are subjects that students must study in the VCE to be eligible to gain entry to a tertiary course at University or TAFE.