Welcome to Glen Waverley Secondary College Science. With a long history of science innovation, the College continues to be at the forefront of science education in schools. Courses are designed not just to cover the required curriculum, but are carefully crafted to support Students’ development in investigating and contributing as a 21st Century Citizen. The rich and varied classroom presentations include a wide range of approaches through which Students are encouraged to become an active participant in their own learning experience. The school has a focus on enquiry learning, utilising the latest in Information Technology, including iPads and Laptops as part of the schools 1:1 technology. Students apply the skills they continuously develop while practising the appropriate values to navigate safely and responsibly in the 21st Century. Science at GWSC specifically takes advantage of the learning environment which has been created to leverage the richness of experience which comprises the holistic learning integrated into the courses.

Feedback is a central focus of the colleges learning philosophy and students are able to access constructive advice online for major assessment tasks.

The science department has excellent and modern facilities, up to date Laboratories, a private Lecture Theatre, Open learning spaces and Projectors in every room to support the delivery of a wide range of programs. These include the schools 21st Century issues focussed Year 9 Program, Extensive Science Week activities, Incursions, Excursions, Camps, Competitions, Special Presentations and still more programs being developed. It is no wonder that GWSC Students continually perform at the top of the state, year on year, with Science results and achievements.

If you’re looking for a great Science School with a proven track record and innovative, well considered programs which work, look no further than GWSC Science.


Science at GWSC is structured to deliver up to date curriculum designed to support both the future academic needs of Students and likely real world experience which they will face in the decades to come.
Topics in years 7 and 8 build a base of knowledge and investigative skills which lead into years 9 and 10 where students further extend these in readiness for VCE studies at years 11 and 12. Importantly, students are encouraged to enjoy the wonder of science and follow up on their natural curiosity with intelligent questioning and active research. Students can even select Research Science as an elective subject.

VCE Science

At VCE level, the College offers Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology with experienced and capable Staff teams supporting the Students as they grow through these challenging final years of secondary school. Many support programs run to enhance the student learning both in science specifically and in general for all VCE subjects.

Special Activities

Sustainability focussed 20:20 Program, Extensive Science Week activities, Incursions, Excursions, Camps, Competitions, Special Presentations and more programs being developed all support students learning while adding interest and inspiring Students to follow their aspirations into a Science future.


Staff at GWSC are experts in their field. Students can be confident that they will have access to Teachers who know their work well and who are there to support Students at every step of their learning. The school is structured to ensure students have access to Staff at all times and out of class support is available. A dedicated team of highly experienced Science Staff reliably guide Students in there learning, while keeping up to date with educational research and subject advances.

Future Directions

Never resting on our past achievements, GWSC is always growing as it moves further into the rapidly changing, but exciting future. We are always there to support the Students as our primary focus.
Now, perhaps more than ever, Science is being recognised as critical to the future of all humanity as we move into an exciting future and face the challenges of tomorrow together. While we can never know exactly what that future may hold for each of us, the one thing that is certain is that the Science students of today will become the problem solvers, teachers, inventors and creators of tomorrow and can look back on their time at GWSC with a sense of pride and accomplishment.