School Council - 2019

Nominations have taken place for four (4) Parent Members and two (2) DET Employee members and one(1) student representative                                                         

Four nominations were received for parent members - the following parents have been successfully nominated to School Council for a two year term:

Two nominations were received for DET positions:  Peter Gray and Daniel Mechelen have been successfully nominated to School Council for a two year term.

15 Nominations were received for one student vacancy and an election will be held.  Profiles for students who have nominated can be found below:

Year 12

 Scott Tung

 Year 11

 Isaac Pope

 Julie Yeap

 Year 10

 Amy Xiao

 Oshadi Monotti

 Samyuktha Srivastsa

 Year 9

 Chloe Hsieh

 Amritha Ramachandran

 Sinha Dayarathne

 Year 8

 Kertickrohan Harihavan


Year 7

 Rhea Soni – SON0021

 Samyuktaa Padmapriya – RAM0033


I am Samyuktha Srivatsa, of 10A. I am a sister, daughter, friend, leader, musician, artist, basketball player, coach, dancer, singer and student voice activist. I am natural leader and have held many captaincy roles in the past. I am approachable and someone who is comfortable talking to teachers. Our School Council needs to have a student voice and know that I am the perfect choice for the role. I am extremely involved in our school and I know that I can help make Glen Waverley Secondary College an even better school. I promise to convey our suggestions to the Council and will stand by what we, as the students of Glen Waverley Secondary College want. I am willing to work towards a common goal; to improve our school. Will it be easy? Probably not. Will it be worth it? Definitely. So, let’s work together to make things happen.


Hello fellow peers! I am Kertikrohan Hariharan from 8G1 and I am seeking for the prestigious honour to be one of the two student representatives in the GWSC School Council. I pride myself on being a hard worker, and I am willing to commit my time and effort to this important position. I am a perfectionist and I am dedicated to complete all my duties to the best of my abilities. Through my communicative skills, decisive decision making skills, optimistic vibe and strong work ethic I plan on making this grand institution even better for it’s students. Most importantly however, by representing you on the school council this year I want to empower you. As a delegate for students, I will put forward and complete my duties in a manner in which your best interests are put first. Relatable and approachable, I would love to hear the ingenious ideas the amazing students of GWSC have to offer. After all, this position is to make sure the fabulous students of GWSC, you, have a say in your school. I believe that every student at GWSC has a vision for our school, I would like the humble privilege of making your fantasies into reality. Vote Kertikrohan Hariharan as your School Council Representative.


Fellow students,

 My name is Sinha Dayarathne and I am one of the candidates running for student council. I see student councillor role as a great opportunity for me to give back to my school. If elected, not only will I assist in ongoing school affairs and activities, I will initiate teacher and staff welfare activities to facilitate a conducive environment for learning and teaching. Whilst such activities need great team effort to succeed, I am a firm believer that if we take small steps we could expect to strive for bigger things. Cleaner study environment and facilities, safe car parking area are small steps that we could achieve as a team. Being a student councillor will set a platform for me to develop my leadership skills. I understand that such a role and initiatives require great commitment and time, and, in the past I have demonstrated by my ability to perform such roles as an Orchestra leader , a Cub Scout and a junior prefect.

 Thank you.

 My name is Julie Yeap and I would be honoured to be a part of the Senior School council. I am interested in this position because I would like to be part of the team that helps make the school the way it is. I should be elected as a Senior School Council Representative as I would be very dedicated to this role. I will be punctual to meetings and bring a new essence into the school council. I will work hard, provide new insights and express my opinions about what I feel would improve the school. I will be an amazing role model to others as I will build meaningful relationships, help decision making on school issues and bring about changes in school.  I will act on student concerns by relating it back to meetings and encourage new ideas to be brought up to make joint decisions. Going into my final two years of high school with Year 11, I have had much time to experience and appreciate life at Glen Waverley Secondary in both middle school and senior school. Last year I represented our school at a Convergence Science reception for biology and Maths Games Day, and currently continue to do so in the Monash Scholars program. I now look to deepen my understanding of how our school functions and represent the student voice through all year levels by running for a two-year position on the school council. I view this two-year term as an opportunity to extend my commitment to our school and learn more about leadership — I hope you see the same. Thank you for your consideration in voting for me.


 Isaac Pope

 I, as a student of GWSC, have recognised the myriad of opportunities available to this school,and am here - on this odd surface, be it paper or screen- as its effect. Over the course of my stay at this school, I have not failed to notice these benefits among others like the accommodating teachers and students that I often find myself indebted to. However, it would be ignorant to say that it is perfect, as is true for every matter of the world. So, in an attempt to rebel against the concept of remaining stagnant, I have come with my values of wanting to increase the number of days we can go without hearing homophobic/racist slurs, the support levels available for those of us that feel the world is against us and -of course- being a source that can be used for the amplifying of your voice at this school.

Samyuktaa Padmapriya

 Why, you might ask. Why do want to be a student representative?

 I know that it is unlikely for a year 7 to be student representative but, you never know until you try! I want to give everything my best shot and try my hardest. I want to use every opportunity because I know if not now, it’s never,if I don’t use the opportunity now I’ll regret it later. I don’t want that regret to pile up in my Year 12 Graduation when my high school life is almost over, when the opportunities that were given to me in high school are long gone. I have quite a bit of experience as a student representative as I was a student representative for a whole year, in my primary school.  I am a very social person, so I feel like I understand what people want and their expectations. I was born in Tamil Nadu, India. As a kid I moved quite a bit so I had the lucky opportunity to meet lots and lots of people. I lived in London for around 1 year and have lived in Australia for 3 Years. I will be turning 13 in 2019.

  I am Amy Xiao, the student you talked to at recess! Below is my application:

“Hello students! I’m Amy, a year 10 student who is excited to offer you only the BEST out of our strict education system, so you can achieve your goals in a less stressful environment. Now you may be wondering why I am so excited to be apart of the school council, and my answer is simple - to continue to improve the school community, and allow more room for student voice, but make an impact on a much larger scale. I will provide you with more opportunities to have a say on the education system, by creating methods (such as a suggestion box for both ideas and possible events) that would assist you in projecting your voice. I am here to help you, so don’t be afraid to approach me with ideas you would like implemented into the school, if your suggestion goes beyond the education system, it’s fine! I’m here to listen.”

School Council letter

Dear my fellow Gwsc peers,

 My name is Rhea and I am from the class 7B1. I am currently running for the Position for the School Council Representative.

I would really appreciate your vote.  Some of the qualities I have to be able to run this role is I have really good friendship skills I am able to understand Your feelings and help you. I am also good at listening i will listen to your ideas and use them to help the school grow even more.

I would love to represent you all and I believe that being a leader is not about taking the whole role but sharing this role together.

So PLEASE vote for me as your School Council  Representative and we will have soo much fun this year.





Hi, my name is Scott.

  You may know me, you may not. I am a different person to everyone, but today I am your representative. 

 Usually, a council member is seen as a position for those who are excellent students. I am not one of them.

 I am a flawed character. I forget deadlines, lack clarity, and am careless at times.

 But I believe that anyone, even those who are told their dreams are impossible, can do whatever with blood, sweat and tears.

 I believe that we are a great community, even if we are flawed.

 I believe that we can overcome anything when we work hard together.

 I believe in you.You, a member of this school. Whether Year 7 or 12, recently arrived or not, I believe we can work hard supporting each other to overcome our issues.

 You've got this.