Cybersafety Links

The following resources and links provide a wealth of information (for both parents and students) on a number of topics and issues relating to cybersafety and social networking.
Parents can access a number of resources and useful conversation guides (designed specifically for parents) in a number of topic areas relating to their child's online safety.
An absolute smorgasbord of information on all topics and issues relating to social media and cybersafety. It is highly recommended that parents visit the "– parents resources" . The website provides a link to the office of the children's eSafety Commissioner.  It allows children to post reports when they are being bullied or have viewed anything online which is illegal or offensive. 

Digital/Cyber Safety Tips For Kids

A worthwhile site for parents who want to improve their basic knowledge and practice of online safety with the view of protecting and supporting their children. It contains great tips on how to use the internet safely, easing parent anxiety so that their children can explore and use digital technologies safely. There is a real focus on how to go about educating your children about the risks and dangers associated with the internet and social media, so that they become responsible users and good digital citizens.
The risks associated with the use of social media can often outweigh its many benefits. This website outlines the risks and sometimes criminal activity connected to social media platforms. It is an invaluable resource for parents/guardians which assists them in guiding their children in the appropriate and safe use of social media.
A really good site for children and parents. It contains great tips on how to use the internet safely, easing parent anxiety so that their children can explore and use the Net for education and entertainment. This website also contains invaluable information about cyberbullying and 'sexting'.

This is a resource website developed by Steve Dupon ( Youth Services Manager Manningham YMCA).  It is  designed for parents and professionals who want to know more about the impact of video games on children.  It deals with both the benefits and risks in playing online games and provides support material for parents who are faced with the challenge of 'addiction' in their children.
A worthwhile site for parents who want to improve their basic knowledge and practice of online safety with the view of protecting and supporting their children.
The "Education" section of this site includes information about a Parent Education Program and lots of resources and ideas for teachers in developing curriculum around digital citizenship.
Contains information with a focus on the tell tale signs of internet addiction. It provides valuable resource material for parents and 'addicted individuals' in seeking treatment/help for internet addiction.
The site explains how easily identity theft can happen and outlines the consequences that all online users should be aware of. It also provides some strategies on identity theft prevention.
This is an Australian Government site which provides a host of information and resources. There is a focus on social networking and privacy issues. It is recommended that you visit the STAYSMARTONLINE link on this web page (see below).
There are great tips and advice for 'kids and teens' on a range of topics including safe social networking, how to deal with cyberbullying, and helpful advice on how to secure your mobile phone.

DET Bully Stoppers Program
This is a Department of Education (DET) resource which provides advice and information for students, parents, teachers and school principals (sorted in categories). It is a good resource for parents who suspect that their child is being bullied, but is not admitting to it.

Australian Council on Children and the Media
A non-profit body committed to promoting a media environment that fosters the health, safety and wellbeing of Australian children. Provides movie and app reviews as well as parent guides and resources about media matters involving children.

Australian parenting website featuring resources and advice about child development issues from pregnancy through to raising teens. Features articles, blogs and parent guides about a range of issues including cybersafety, TV, apps and social media. 

Raising Children
An Australian parenting website that offers practical and expert child health and parenting information, tips and tools for children aged 0-15 years. Topic areas cover child development, behaviour, health, nutrition, communication, sleep and safety. The play and learning section offers movie reviews and tips about children’s TV viewing. 

Parentline Victoria 13 22 89
This is a telephone contact, available 8am – midnight, 7 days a week.
A Department of Education resource which provides a statewide telephone counselling service to parents and carers of children (up to 18 years of age). Parentline is also able to provide contact details for relevant community services.

It is also important for parents to be aware of various software products that support parents in managing their child's online behaviour. For example, such sofware can restrict sensitive personal information from being transmitted online, as well as monitoring the sites your child has been to and if they have entered personal information. There are also time-limiting software to make sure that your child goes online only at certain times and filtering software that block access to sites that you feel are inappropriate.

Refer to the resources listed below. This is obviously not an exhaustive list. Parents are encouraged to research similar products.