According to research studies, online media use can comprise almost 70% of the total time that young people spend online. With more and more people embracing modern technology and joining social networking sites, it is important to keep young people safe and educate them about cybersafety issues so that they are empowered to protect themselves.

To become better informed and up to date on ways of keeping safe on line it is worth visiting the Australian government eSafety website  - This website contains a wealth of valuable information and strategies for parents and students on keeping safe online.

In addition, this webpage will act as a portal for cybersafety information, and will contain the College policies relating to digital citizenship and responsible use of technology. This webpage is a means for parents to remain in touch and up to date with how we can work together to maintain a cyber safe school environment.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to bullying, cyberbullying or your child using the internet safely, please contact your student’s House Leader or a Director of the Middle or Senior Sub-School. Our College Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Emily Sheppard or any of the Principal Class are also available to provide support