Career Development 7-9

Tax Education Program

Students participate in a Tax Education seminar in the Year 10 Orientation Program which takes place at the end of Year 9. The Australian Taxation Office provides schools with educational resources to help educate students in a range of important tax issues related to living in Australian society. As part of the tax education program, students are given the opportunity to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) through the school. In this way, students will have a TFN for situations where it may be required in the future.

Secondary students will need a tax file number (TFN) to apply for youth allowance through Centrelink, for part-time and holiday employment and for opening bank investment accounts. Students will also need a tax file number when they move onto tertiary study and enrol in a commonwealth supported (government subsidized) place at university or TAFE. By applying for a TFN through the school, the college will certify that they know the student, which means that the student does not have to provide the usual proof of identity documentation directly to the Tax Office – such as birth certificates, passports and school reports - making the application process much simpler.

- the TFN application form for a secondary student must be obtained from the school. The form available from the Post Office is not acceptable for TFN applications made through the school.
- the ATO will forward the TFN to the student’s postal address, NOT the school.
Further information is available from:
ATO Client Education and Communication Unit on 13 2861.