Glen Waverley Secondary College 21st Century Skills

Glen Waverley Secondary College has for many years had a strong focus on innovations in teaching and learning. “Learners are most successful when they are mindful of themselves as learners and thinkers in a learning community”. In guiding the learning process, we have concentrated on developing students’ ability to think both critically and creatively, to set goals, to manage and reflect on their learning, to work both cooperatively and independently and to have sensitivity and awareness about when to apply these learning skills appropriately. These skills are transferable to all aspects of life; therefore the explicit teaching of identified 21st Century skills and learning dispositions is vital to ensure that concrete understandings are both initially developed and then continue to develop throughout their lifetime.

At GWSC we have organised our identified 21st Century skills into 4 groups, each comprising 3 to 4 competencies:

The GWSC Framework is based on the ATC21S (Assessment and Teching of 21st Century Skills) which is a worldwide collaboration of academics sponsored by Cisco, Intell and Microsoft